The “Lissan Eddine Ibn Al-khatib” Foundation for Research and Cultural Cooperation is organizing a national symposium in Fez on inter-religious and intercultural dialogue and innovative coexistence. A plethora of university researchers and academics, from Morocco and abroad, will enrich the intellectual debates planned during this meeting.

A national symposium on “Interreligious and intercultural dialogue and coexistence through the work of thinkers Ibn Rochd, Ibn Mimoun and Saint Thomas Aquinas” will be held in Fez on November 29 and 30.

Initiated by the “Lissan Eddine Ibn Alkhatib” Foundation for research and cultural cooperation, this national conference is in line with the project Cities of tolerance and coexistence between Andalusia and Morocco (Fez, Seville and Essaouira) ).

This annual meeting will deepen the reflection on the work and legacy of thinkers and philosophers Averroes, Maimonides and St Thomas Aquinas, excellent advocates of the spirit of coexistence between different cultures, Greek, Hebrew, Christian and Arab Muslims, according to the organizers.

The first session of this cultural and scientific event will be held in Morocco and the two sessions of Seville and Essaouira are scheduled for the months of March and April 2019.


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